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Bullet - Parallel Hole
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Bullet - Parallel Hole

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These brass piles have external (fit e) diameters that accommodate shafts with reduced ends for flush fitting and internal (fit i) diameters that accommodate shafts without reduced ends, for fitting over the outside of the shaft:


Size (inches) Weight (grains)
1/4e 7/32i 20 35 63
9/32e 1/4i 35 50 63 80 100
5/16e 9/32i 63 80 100 125
11/32e 5/16i 50 80 100 125
3/8e 11/32i 60 80 100 125

Other sizes and fits, weights, shapes and materials, to your own specification, may be ordered in quantities of 500 or more subject to a total order quantity of at least 1,000.

All piles: weight tolerance ±2%